Titleist T200 Irons Steel 5-pw

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Introducing the new T200 iron set, Titleist`s most advanced iron ever. This Tour distance iron has the perfect combination of shape, size, feel, ensuring sleek looks meet stunning distance.

SHAFT: Steel AMT Black


FLEX: S300

SET: 5 iron - Pitching Wedge



  • Multi-Material Hollow Body Construction
  • D18 Tungsten Weights & Brazing Process
  • Players Look & Feel
  • 1-Year Guarantee / Stock Steel Shafts

Power Design

The T200 has a multi-material design with a hollow body construction. Featuring an improved Max Impact technology with an enhanced polymer core that improves both off-center speed and mass efficiency at impact. The forged L-Face inserts play fast while feeling solid.

D18 Tungsten Weights & Brazing Process

Using denser D18 tungsten weights and a 2000º brazing process used in aerospace construction. Engineers eliminated welding points on the design to be more precise with CG placement. The center of gravity location has been placed in specific areas to benefit every club from fast, high launching long irons to accurate, forgiving scoring irons.

Players Look & Feel

They feature a shorter blade length and thinner topline, with minimum offset across the set for optimum set blending. Fitted with an engineered muscle plate that improves sound, for a crisper, more satisfying feel.

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