Srixon Tour Special Balls

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The Tour Special by Srixon is a Soft Feeling two-piece golf ball that is suitable for all levels of golfers. The two piece construction with a soft outer layer offers a soft feel around the greens along with extreme distance off the tee. This is achieved by utilising the soft outer on gentler shots such as putts and chips and utilizing the hard inner core by compressing the soft outer from full shots off the tee. The aero design dimple pattern offers both high launch and low spin for Greater Distance.

2 Piece Multilayer golf ball developed by Srixon Golf
Soft Feel on putts and chips & Extreme distance on drives from the tee
Areo Dimple design offers a high launch and Low spin for Greater Distance
*Please Note The Tour Special is developed by Srixon but does not feature a Srixon logo on the golf ball

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