Lithium Tech 5.0 lithium battery

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Lithium Tech 5.0 lithium battery

The L-tech 5.0 battery is a lightweight and durable lithium battery!
Adaptable to all types of electric trolleys the L-tech battery is 3 times smaller than a lead-acid battery.
The battery comes with a neoprene protective cover.

* for compatible trolleys from 14 to 16V lithium
* not compatible with twin-engine trolley
* not compatible with trolley having lead battery

Technical details :
* Composition: LIFE Po4 (Lithium iron phosphate)
* Size: 168 x 128 x 75 mm
* Weight: 2.2 kg
* Capacity: 15Ah, autonomy + 18 holes
* Voltage: 12 Volts
* Lifetime: + 1000 loading cycles
* Warranty: 2 years (battery and charger)
* Charging time: 4h to 4h30
* BMS: Sophisticated management system and charge protection between lithium batteries
* Connection: Anderson

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