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Cobra Golf Fly XL Mens Package Set (Graphite Shaft)

The Fly XL irons from Cobra are cavity back with extreme perimeter weighting for vast levels of forgiveness, especially on off-centre hits.

Weighting low in the club makes these irons super easy to launch.

The wedges (PW and SW) have a superbly soft feel allowing you to dial in distances at short range.

The clubs are somewhere between beginner quality and premium quality, I would say, edging more toward the later and the clubs are certainly built for game improvement or getting to the next level from where your game is at today.

The driver is big and solid and the cavity back irons feel sturdy and ready for action.

Everything about the set let’s you know that it is a big cut above almost all beginner sets. You even get a choice between a stand and a cart bag.

The Cobra Golf Fly XL Set


The set starts off with a great driver. It features a thin yet resilient titanium face that provides more than it’s fair share of flex. It’s set 10.5 degrees of loft in regular flex and 11.5 in senior.

The weight is positioned low in the heel to compensate for draw and to promote high and towering ball flights for any swing speed.


Two woods come in the Cobra Golf Fly XL set: a 3 and 5 wood.

They sport a shallow profile so they feel wieldy in the hands and during your swing.

The 3 wood is set to 14.5 degrees of loft and the 5 wood is set to 18.5.

The 3 wood is a real jewel in the crown of the set.

Perfect for the fairway or off the tee if you struggle with the driver. It is our go to club for plenty of shots with this set.


There are also two hybrids in the set: a 4 at 20.5 degrees of loft and a 5 at 23.5.

The hybrids play exceptionally long, give great apex ball height and are as forgiving as hybrids should be.

If you end up in the rough, the Hybrid club will be your best friend.


The Cobra Golf Fly XL irons sport an oversized profile which, makes them much less intimidating for beginners and mid handicappers.

You get irons 6-9. These are cavity back irons with perimeter weighting to help increase MOI and forgiveness.


You get a pitching and sand wedge in the Cobra Golf Fly XL set.

  • Excellent machined grooves on the wedges
  • The putter has a very nice feel
  • Includes a cart bag with 7 zippered pouches
  • Stock graphite shafts
  • The set includes 2 hybrids
  • Great ball speed with the driver

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