Cleveland 11 piece steel set

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The Cleveland Golf Club Set is a popular choice among golfers as it provides everything you need to improve the game and golf experience. This set of graphite sticks is ideal for players looking for a combination of durability, lightness and precision in their strokes.

Content of the Set Cleveland Men 23

This complete game to play golf includes 10 clubs:
Driver ( 10.5o )
Wood 3 ( 16.5o )

It also includes a bag, turning it into a very complete kit with everything you need to go out on the golf course.

High Quality Steel Parts

The sticks are made of high quality regular steel, giving them durability, strength and precision. This means that the clubs are designed to last, even with frequent use on the golf course.
Ideal for experienced players with a strong punch.

Tripod bag

The kit includes a tripod bag. These types of bags with two legs provide greater comfort to the golfer, since by keeping your feet it is easier to access the sticks and other elements inside.
In addition, they can be carried on the shoulder, adapted to a buggy or a cart, making it even more practical.

Attractive Design

El conjunto presenta un diseño elegante y moderno en tonos negro y azul. Además, la bolsa de transporte es lo suficientemente espaciosa como para guardar todos los palos y accesorios necesarios para un día completo de golf.

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